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By regularly running employee surveys you can improve your staff retention rates - this alone can improve the bottom line profit of any company. Just image the costs involved in finding new staff recruitment fees and training fees it all adds up.

Your employees may have issues and feel uncomfortable in approaching their direct managers. Using a email survey you can really break down such barriers and bridge those gaps.

Perhaps you have lost an employee and would like to know why - running an exit survey would help your find out why.

Speedsurvey is a company that specializes in email and online surveys which just happens to be the best way now-a-days of delivering anything relating to questionnaires. Using the web and email response rates go through the roof. Its so easy for people to participate no hassle which is what is all about.

Once you have run your employee survey getting the results is easy you can use our online reporting functions or even export the results to excel.

Read some of our Customer Testimonials

"I was totally amazed at the petty reasons why some of our employees were leaving- silly things such car parking and lunch bar facilities were costing the company big dollars in employee dissatisfaction. The sample employee surveys and distributor surveys were a great help" - Anna Teasdale



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