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Research surveys are made easy with speed surveys powerful online survey application

If you're a research student or anybody who has the need to create a web or email based survey you have come to the right place.

You can design your research surveys using our survey creation tool which will guide you through step by step - this is all done through the web with no special requirements or anything to download.

Using this research tool you can embed many types of questions into your survey such as multiple choice questions, single choice questions and free text answer questions. You can even include pictures and sounds in your survey.

Once your research surveys are complete you can use the speed survey system to deliver it. The Speed survey system will collect the results of your survey in real time and provide you with powerful reporting options like exporting to excel spreadsheets.

You can trial the speed survey system free with no obligation for up to 15 respondents - once your completely happy you can purchased addtional respondents beginning from a low $10. That price will be hard to beat anywhere.



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